Monday, March 26, 2012

The opposite of the city.

Five days of beach, food, sleep, mezcal (I watched, mostly, but it's tasty), kids! My Spanish got a lot better. Lovely place... Bahia de la Luna. Small cottages, great food, hammocks, great swimming. Pictures tell the story. One outing: to La Finca de Vaqueros – the ultimate steak house, with Mexican karaoke and a great party. The expatriates can really put away the mezcal! they claim it brings beautiful dreams...

Getting my kid fix.

Bahía de la Luna managers Maria Elena (Oaxaca) and Dan (London.)
Laila, the chef. Maria Elena's sister; they are Brazilian-Lebanese Méxicanas, originally from Oaxaca. Such lovely people!
An evening beginning at the home of part-time residents Kerry and Susy, at their house above the bay. Mango margaritas!
Kerry and Nigel. Nigel Longland and his family are part-owners of the hotel, and my friend Rick's neighbors in Mosier, OR.
Hombres Rory, Rick and Liam riding in the back of the truck.
La Finca de Vaqueros, a very happening place, way out in the country.
One of the restaurant's owners on the karaoke machine.

Not perfect for an almost-vegetarian, but when in Las Boquillas...
Jorge Campos, telling stories and proffering mezcal. What a night.

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