Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ALIENS Taco Truck Theater Project

In 2009, I proposed the Quilting Bee Method of Artist Funding (at bottom of linked page) in order to raise $2000 to get to a performance opportunity in England. USA Projects and Kickstarter are other ways of providing funding to artists' projects.

Because I was supported by my community, I've committed to do the same for other artists whenever I can. Here's a USA Project that has only five days to make its goal: José Torres-Tama's ALIENS Taco Truck Theater Project. Watch his proposal video! it's brilliant! and send him money – ¡ahora mismo!

Then forward this to anyone you think might do the same.

Torres-Tama's plan is to purchase and convert a taco truck into a mobile theater.  The truck and show will be brought to pick-up points such as Lowe's and Home Depot parking lots—where day laborers gather for work, as well as to schools, churches, and other public spaces.  The mobility of the truck will make the work more accessible to immigrant workers, creating greater access across all borders of economical, racial, and geographical discrimination.

José Torres-Tama's ALIENS Taco Truck Theater Project is inspired by the “carpa” theater tradition of El Teatro Campesino, founded by the legendary Mexican playwright Luis Valdez.  Valdez’s theater company brought the plight of Mexican migrant farm workers in California on flatbed truck stages to Union Halls and public spaces, inspiring political awareness for workers’ struggles during the 60s and 70s.  Similarly, the ALIENS Taco Truck Theater Project is a mobile traveling show aimed at reaching immigrant workers and bringing a human face and heart about their current persecution to diverse audiences.

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