Friday, March 23, 2012

Bahia de la Luna

A long day of travel to Bahia de la Luna: paradise! on the Oaxacan coast, an hour from Huatulco, in a little area called La Boquilla. Absolutely nothing to do except swim, drink mezcal/tequila/coconut water, swing in a hammock, hike. play guitar. It's been a progression: frenetic Mexico City, entrancing and busy Oaxaca, now Bahia de la Luna, a tiny bay where friends have an eco-hotel. Stunning setting, fabulous food made by Laila the chef, managed by her sister Maria Elena and BF Dan. If you'd like a vacation where you can really vacate, this is the place.

Medellín, the white cat, like the white stuff from Medellín.

Bahía de la Luna Hotel beach with Señor Dick., basting.

The beginning game of serial Scrabble.

Rory Longland and his coconut drink, the Coco Loco.

Fire on the beach at night.

Don't kill the birds. Take care about the iguanas. Respect visitors and the signs. Be careful on the beach. Respect our land.

Worker at Jorge Campos' house under construction. He is the main owner of Bahía de la Luna.
View from the cliffs and the house.

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