Monday, March 18, 2013

T.S. Eliot reads T.S. Eliot

A rare recording of Eliot reading his celebrated 1915 stream-of-consciousness poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” found in his Selected Poems. It's eerie to hear him read, knowing it was recorded almost 100 years ago.


  1. A teacher played this for us in high school. Flashes of it still pop into my head once in a while. At the time, though, the eerie, slow voice, the strange subject matter, seemed so plodding and remote, I decided that poetry was just homework, and would forever be over my head.

    Of course the poem wasn't taught well either, somehow I knew that too.

    But I'll listen again, now that I can actually relate to the work.

  2. I was astonished to find that there is SOMETHING ELSE ON THE END OF THIS RECORDING! It's interrupted by a "never-ending" collaborative story. Where did that come from? I wanted to hear the end of the poem... Try this: