Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Swept Away

For the aberrant who love dust and rot, pollution and schmutz (we know who we are) – see the Museum of Art and Design's SWEPT AWAY: Dust Ashes and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design, NYC, through August 12, 2012.
Kim Abeles, Dinner for Two in One Month of Smog. 
She set a table on her L.A. rooftop and accumulated the particulate matter
over one month's time, using stencils to produce patterns.
Jim Dingilian, Questioning the Open Field, found glass liquor bottle, smoke.
He coated the insides of the bottles with soot, then used tiny brushes to remove the precipitant.
Jim Dingilian, installation.
Julie Parker,  Ritual Accumulations, dryer lint, cotton, latex, embroidery thread.

Maskull Lasserre, Murder, burned wood (including maple, oak, ash, cedar, basswood)
Phoebe Cummings, The Delusion of Grandeur, raw clay, in niche.
Antonio Riello, Ashes to Ashes, glass, burned books.
Each blown glass form is filled with the ashes of the book with which it is labeled.
Antonio Riello installation.
Stephen Livingstone, Dust and Shadows: Sixty-Four Extinctions, rusted steel cabinet, graphite, ash, rusted tins painted with smoke and ashes.

MAD is one of my favorite museums in New York; this time, all four floors were four-star exhibits.
This is a show of glass produced in Murano, Italy, in collaboration with artists who did not work with glass as a medium:

Tomas Libertiny,  Seed of Narcissus, mirrored glass, beeswax.
There is a video in the show of the bees making honeycomb on the glass.
Tomas Libertiny,  Seed of Narcissus, mirrored glass, beeswax.
Michael Joo,  Expanded Access, mirrored borosilicate glass.
Marya Kazoun, Frosty Grounds: The Beginning (detail), tissue, glue, glass, pencil, pen, acrylic, on paper.
Luke Jerram, Large Spiky Malaria and E. Coli, glass.
Barbara Bloom, Flaubert Letters II, 1987 - 2008. Glass engraved with fragments of letters from
Gustave Flaubert to Louise Colette, and from Barbara Bloom to Gustave Flaubert.
Barbara Bloom, Flaubert Letters II, 1987 - 2008 (detail)

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