Thursday, May 24, 2012


Booklyn is a highly advanced book arts gallery in Brooklyn. I visited there today. Go to their site for images of many extreme books, the way I like them.
View of Brooklyn from Booklyn.
Stacks of Occuprint portfolios -- silkscreen prints by artists worldwide made for the Occupy Movement.
Paintings of political figures by Ian MacGillivray, currently hanging in USA Today show in the gallery.
Series of three images by Ryan Jacob Smith, currently hanging in USA Today show in the gallery.

Nerve center of Booklyn: Felice Tebbe, Collection Development and Education, and Ariana Misfelt, Collection Development. 
The Booklyn Bridge.
Some of my favorite Occuprint images. Artists were given a size to work in. They are gorgeous; in the tradition of all great protest posters. See link for artists' names.

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