Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fischli and Weiss spread their influence to rock and advertising.

Peter Fischli (8 June 1952 in Zurich) and David Weiss (21 June 1946 in Zurich), often shortened to Fischli/Weiss, are an artist duo that have been collaborating since 1979. They are among the most renowned contemporary artists of Switzerland. Their best known work is the film "Der Lauf der Dinge (The Way Things Go)." This was described by The Guardian as being "post apocalyptic" as it is all about chain reactions and the way in which objects fly, crash, and explode across the studio it was shot in.

For their work, they make use of a large bandwidth of artistic forms of expression: film and photography, art books, sculptures made out of different materials, and multimedia installations. They adapt objects and situations from everyday life and place them into an artistic context—often using humor and irony.*

This is three minutes from the  mesmerizing 30-minute film made by Fischli and Weiss in 1987, "Der Lauf der Dinge (the way things go):
(The 30-minute film is on Netflix.)
In 2010, the band OK Go made this  elaborate and exuberant promo video:

 And in 2011, NTT Doomo, a Japanese cellphone service provider, with this exquisite contraption promoting a wooden cell phone:
According to a comment on the Youtube site, it took fifty-three attempts to get it right. I wonder what the stats are on OK Go?
 *background from Wikipedia

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